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Order Top Producer to get started with industry leading technology and systems.  Manage your Real Estate Business in the palm of your hand - sign up and start building for a better future in Real Estate.


Hands on live or online training for teams/offices is available.  Classes range from basic beginner level to advanced system building.  Contact Travis to check availability at

Our Products & Services

Know Your Numbers Tracking 

Business is built on being able to know who, where and how much of your income is generated from specific sources. The only way to KNOW is to track your numbers. The Know Your Numbers package comes with a 4 tab excel spreadsheet, weekly tracking sheets, and the Know Your Numbers user guide. Plug in your info and let the spreadsheet do all the hard work of calculating top sources of business, monthly income, goal percentage and much more!  *MUST HAVE EXCEL 07 or NEWER*

The Automated Agent eBook 
A systematic approach to the day to day operations and business building principals in real estate. Save time, money, and energy by implementing proven systems and models to increase your business. The Automated Agent includes: Buyer Follow up Plan, Seller Follow up Plan, Pre-Appointment Plans, Current Buyer Plan, Current Listing Plan, Buyer and Seller Closing Plans and Past Client and Prospect Follow up Plans.  130 Pages of Systematic Business Building for Real Estate!

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Don't have time to do the data entry?  Let us install it for you $495.


1 on 1 Consulting or Team Consulting to help systematize your real estate business.  This won't be your typical Real Estate training/consulting - this will be business building training and teaching and system implementation so that you business can support the volume you desire to produce.  Contact Travis directly at if you are interested.