Travis Olson, CEO

Travis has an obsession with customer service and doing things right. This really began to take shape in his career shortly after he graduated from Mankato State University, MN.  Travis began his professional career as a Personal Trainer.  With a strong desire to be the best and help others achieve their goals, Travis quickly became one of the top trainers in the fitness center.

With right connections and attitude, Travis later began his career in Real Estate working on a team of 5 as Team Manager.  He was a natural, however was often perplexed with the chaotic nature in which seemed to be at the core of real estate.  He knew there must be a better way.  It was then that Travis read the E-Myth, by Michael Gerber.  This was a game changer.  Real Estate was lacking the systems and models needed to truly create a business.  

In 2008, Travis wrote the Automated Agent and then later began Agent Breakthrough Consulting.  Travis' goal is to help other agents and teams build models and systems to help them achieve their maximum potential.

Travis has been on and continues to work in the front lines of the Real Estate business with 10+ years of experience and 600+ transactions handled.     

Travis grew up a life long resident of White Bear Lake, MN. Travis is a current resident in Hugo, MN and currently enjoys spending time with his wife, Amy and his three little princesses, Madi, Kaylee, Lucy and beefy son Max.